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Prince of Peace Lutheran Church!


“This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.”

That’s one of the first songs I ever learned, and it tells precisely what it means to follow Jesus. During March we’ll hear from the woman at the well, Nicodemus, a man blind from birth, the mother of James and John, and even Satan the tempter. Don’t miss a Sunday this Lenten Season!

LENT 2014

“Following Jesus,” is our theme and call to discipleship.  Follow Jesus this Lenten season by:

+Helping to pass out information about our Lenten and Easter activities Saturday, March 1st,

+ Coming to our Ash Wednesday Worship March 5th 7:30 P.M


+Enjoying our Soup Suppers (salad, soup, bread, and good fellowship March 27, April 3 and 10th at 6:00 P.M. 

+Staying for our Lenten Worship 7:15-7:45 P.M. after supper.

+Celebrating Palm and Passion Sunday, April 13, hearing of God’s love for us as told by Saint Matthew.

+Coming to our Maundy Thursday meal and worship April 17th at 6:00 P.M.

+Coming to our Good Friday Worship April 18th 5:30 P.M.

+Helping to pass out information about our Easter celebration on Saturday, April 19th.

+Celebrating the Resurrection on Easter Sunday, April 20th from 9-10 A.M, and then staying for fellowship and an Easter egg hunt!

Spread the Good News of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church!

Join Pastor Bunnell and others 8:00 A.M. on Saturday March 1st,  as we pass out information about our Lenten and Easter activities beginning at 8 A.M.


Prime Time at Lifehouse

“Putting in a Raised Garden that Isn’t Thirsty.” Pastor Bunnell will speak on gardening and other things Wednesday March 12th.



Lenten Soup Supper and Worship Thursday, March 27th. Come as you are!  Soup Supper (homemade soup, salad and bread) at 6:00 P.M. and worship from 7:15- 7:45 P.M.


Prayers for Healing during Worship, Sunday, March 30th


Scandinavian Festival Saturday, April 5 and 6th at California Lutheran University


Fresh News from Lutheran Social Services  February 12,2014

  1. An urgent message from Fiona Kilner, Assistant Area Director of our Lutheran Social Services Community Care Center:

    “We were told today that the Food bank is out of food, as are we… I wonder if you could put an emergency call out to the churches for food for the pantry? We would greatly appreciate it.”



  2. Our breakfast was as always a big success!  Bill Speers was named Lutheran of the Year, Christ Lutheran Church in Valencia was named congregation of the year, and Jan Maseda was named Lutheran of the Decade.  It was a fine and heart-felt celebration of Jan’s wonderful leadership.



About the “food bank” being out of food:

  1. LSS put in its usual weekly request for food and was told the food bank was empty.

  2. Why?  It probably has to do with the drought. All the surplus fresh vegetables are used up. The amount of surplus canned goods has also been affected.  We were told to call again next week.

  1. What does our LSS office need in the way of food?

  1. Griselda, who runs the food pantry simply said, “cans, bags and boxes” of food. In other words, anything you have!

  2. Cash donations would be most welcome, and with them food can be purchased at Smart and Final, or another store.

  3. If you can bring the food to the office as soon as possible, it would be wonderful!

  1. Meet Fiona Kilner!

    Fiona Kilner is our new director of the Lutheran Social Services office in Van Nuys.  Fiona worked for fourteen years as a director at Many Mansions, an organization very much like Lutheran Social Services. During her employment at Many Mansions, Fiona worked closely with LSS. Several months ago Fiona went to work for LSS at the Thousand Oaks office. With Jan Maseda’s retirement, Fiona was appointed to work with us. We are blessed to have an experienced leader in charge!

  2.  At the breakfast, Salem Lutheran Church in Glendale was declared “Co-Church of the Year” with Christ Lutheran Church in Valencia.  Both Churches have always been very supportive of the work of Lutheran Social Services!  I am sorry I didn’t mention Salem’s honor.



Pastor Chuck Bunnell
(818)430-2864 (cell phone - call anytime!)