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From the Pastor

Jesus did his loving work, teaching us to love one another and then dying of the cross to forgive our sins.

Then Jesus arose from the dead and gave us the Holy Spirit. So, how do we follow Jesus through the Spirit of God? Come every Sunday to find out!


About the Coming Sundays

“Following Jesus as One “ 

June 1,2014  

Most of all Jesus wants us to be unified in God’s love. John 17:1-11

 Following Jesus through the Holy Spirit 

Pentecost Sunday, June 8,

As promised, Jesus gives us another comforter, the Holy Spirit . John 20:19-23

“Following Orders “  - Father’s Day!

Holy Trinity Sunday, June 15,2014 Jesus gives us our orders, to spread the Good News of God’s love for humanity, and to  make disciples.

“Following Jesus, Finding our Life “  - Choir Recognition Sunday!

Sunday, June 22,2014 

Want to really live?  Follow Jesus’ loving plan for you! Matthew 10:24-39

“Following Jesus by Welcoming!“  -Prayers for Healing

Sunday, June 29,2014 

Welcoming others is like welcoming Jesus!  Matthew 10:40-42



Get on the Bus Report from Pastor Bunnell

“Mother’s Day”

“Mother’s Day” looked like a Coca Cola commercial. Everyone was laughing, talking, eating pizza, and drinking ice cold colas. The visiting room was decorated as an aquarium with porpoise, sea shell, and octopus murals. Family photos were snapped against a beach backdrop. No one was talking on cell phones (they weren’t allowed past the electronic check points) and no one was pouting, frowning, or acting-out. 

 “Mother’s Day” is when children visit their mothers at the California Institute for Women in Chino. It is coordinated by “Get on the Bus,” whose volunteers, staff and donors provide buses, snacks and even a small blanket for the children to snuggle.

On the bus ride a six year old asked me if I knew him.  I admitted I did not, and so with a big smile he told me his name.  Not long after he asked me if I knew his last name.

 I also talked with a grandmother who accompanied her eight-year old grand-daughter. The little girl was solemn and stared at me. I would smile and ask questions, but she said very little.

Another family group included Alex, his two younger brothers and James, who was five.  Alex was tall, thin and awkward with a sweet smile.  He told me his classes were always being interrupted by kids who didn’t want to learn, and how he would soon be taking advance placement courses for college. 

When Alex got his teddy bear (A much-appreciated parting gift from “Get on the Bus,”) he told me this would be his fourth.  I took a chance and asked when his mother would get out. “I don’t know,” he quietly answered.

After much waiting the children finally meet their mothers in the aquarium room. It is like Christmas morning, and to be a family is everyone’s Christmas wish. Some played board games or just chatted; others waited their turn for family photos for the walls of their mother’s cells.

The volunteer coordinator asked if this was my first trip and why I was involved. I told her about Matthew 25:36, “I was in prison and you came to me.” She told me she had served time and that family visits had saved her life.

What I had feared most about “Mother’s Day,” was the ending. All the mothers put on a brave face, and almost all the children said their goodbyes without tears.  However, as the children and volunteers boarded their buses, the mothers began to return to their prison routine. They waited in a line, and they all looked like Rachel, who refused to be comforted.


Fresh News from Lutheran Social Services  May 21,2014

At 2:00 A.M. on Tuesday May 20th, a passerby reported a fire in the South-facing roof of the Lutheran Social Services Offices. Within minutes the fire department arrived and put out the fire that began in an exterior light. In another five minutes the fire would have left the building a total loss.

Still, the damage, and particularly the smoke damage, was extensive.  It will be months before the offices will again be “up and running.”

The food pantry and clothing closet is closed and cannot take donations.

 Tuesday, May 27 the offices will be open to provide some services involving paperwork.  There are no phones, but you can email the office at FKilner@lsssc.org.

On Thursday, May 22, a group of volunteers including OUR OWN PAT TOMLINSON, Randy Miller, Warren Greenberg, Duffy and Lynn Walton, Barbara Lynch, Marsha Steil, and others; moved mountains of records, computers, and supplies into storage. Thank God for their efforts!

More information will be coming as it is gathered. We thank God no one was hurt.



Pastor Chuck Bunnell
(818)430-2864 (cell phone - call anytime!)