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Newsletter for January, 2016
From thePastor - About the New Year!
October 31,2016 will begin the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. It all
began with Dr. Martin Luther nailing his 95 Thesis to the door of his church in
Wittenberg, Germany.
Here is how I plan to celebrate.
Later this year I will be adding Luther’s Small Catechism to our usual Sunday liturgy and
preaching on it as much as I am able. I look forward to the challenge! Luther,
whom John Paul II described as a “man of deep religiousness,” was never, ever
boring, and he has much to say about our times.

About TheComing Sundays

What is Spirituality? Looking to the Light“
January3, 2016 - John 1:1-18

“What is Spirituality?Identity”
January10, 2016 – Luke 3:15-17, 21-22

“What Is Spirituality?Celebration!”
January 17, 2016 - John 2:1-11

“What Is
Spirituality?Hearing God’s Word”
January 24, 2016 - Luke 4:14-21

“What Is Spirituality?Being open to others”
January 31, 2016 - Luke 4:21-30

Thank you from Chuck and Beth!
We want to thank Prince of Peace for it expressions of love and caring during this
Christmas season. We pray you all had a wonderful Christmas and that together
we will have a very Happy New Year!

Council Meets Tuesday January 19

Men’s Bible Study will meet Thursday, January 21 from 7:30 – 9:00 P.M.
Pastor Bunnell will continue his study on
Paul’s Letter to the Romans.

ClergyPolice Breakfast will be Thursday, January 28th at 9:00 A.M. at a restaurant to be announced.

We will have prayers for healing after worship on Sunday, January 31st.

Lutheran Social Services Newsletter for December, 2015
To everyone! Most
especially Canoga Park Lutheran, Shepherd of the Valley and First
Lutheran Van Nuys for your
generous donations to enable us to have over 250 turkey
vouchers bought for the
Also thank you to Emmanuel Lutheran, Keller
Williams in
Studio city, San Regis
Apartment Homes, and a lot of other individuals and churches that
supported with monies and
bags of food!
We were able to make up over 200 Thanksgiving
bags of food for our
families, and homeless.
A hearty welcome to our
new CEO Ron Drews! He starts with LSS/SC on December 7
. We are very excited to
have him join our team and I know that he will be excited to meet with all of
the Churches and congregations.
A very huge Thank You to
Jan Maseda for steering the company over the last 8 months while
we did the CEO search.
From all of Lutheran
Social Services volunteers, donors and staff:
Merry Christmas and a
Happy and Blessed New Year!

Lutheran World Relief and the Refugee Crisis
CONTINUES, the number of civilian causalities, internally displaced people and
refugees continues to grow. According to United Nations, 11.6 million people
are in need of assistance,
LWR's Response
Lutheran World Relief is
shipping Mission Quilts, Baby Care Kits and Personal Care Kits to Serbia to
distribute to refugees and migrants. Since October 2012, LWR has provided $7.05
MILLION in assistance to Syrian refugees, reaching more than 235,912
LWR is also supporting ACT Alliance members in providing humanitarian support. ACT
members are providing hygiene items, winter coats and blankets, emergency
shelter and psychosocial support in Hungary, Serbia and Greece.
We continue to remain in
contact with the ACT Alliance to determine additional needs on the ground and
how LWR can assist to meet these needs. We will continue to channel our support
to the Syrian crises through the ACT Alliance platform to ensure a
well-coordinated response.
Pray for the people
affected by this crisis and the humanitarian aid staff working to reach them.
Make Quilts and Kits.
Donating Quilts and Kits helps ensure we
have an adequate supply to send around the world to partners who request them,
as well as in response to emergencies.
Give to the Crisis in
Syria fund. Your cash donations will support the response of our partners in
the ACT Alliance.






Pastor Chuck Bunnell
(818)430-2864 (cell phone - call anytime!)